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Tubo corrugato FEP


The FEP corrugated pipe is characterized by a high flexibility that allows rapid installation. It is particularly resistant and is suitable for all systems where a high resistance to crushing and impact is indispensable. Thanks to the thread take-up probe it can be equipped with, it facilitates the threading of the conductors considerably. Unassailable by acids in general and corrosion by microorganisms, lime and cement.


Material used: Self-extinguishing polyvinyl chloride (PVC)


Color: Black


Resistance to crushing: Over 76 kg on 5 cm at + 20 ° C


Shock resistance: 2j (about 20 kg cm)


Electrical insulation: More than 100 Mega Ohms


Dielectric strength: More than 2000 volts 


Reference standards: The CEI Standards EN 61386-1 and CEI EN 61386-22 have been applied as per IMQ certificate n ° EM724 with classification 3321

Corrugated tube - Price per meter

Corrugated tube including thread take-up - Price per meter

Corrugated tube including thread take-up - Price per roll

FEP V - FEP corrugated pipe GREEN color. Recommended for telephone lines identification.

FEP A - FEP corrugated pipe color BLUE.

Recommended for door phone and video identification.

FEP L - FEP corrugated tube color LILAC.

Recommended for identification of sound diffusion lines.

FEP M - FEP corrugated tube color BROWN.

Recommended for identification of emergency lines and alarms.

FEP B - FEP corrugated pipe color WHITE.

Recommended for identification of data transmission lines.

Colored corrugated tube - Price per meter

MEFL - Flexible sleeve

Used to join corrugated pipes with the same diameter.

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