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Tubo corrugato FEP

The rigid pipe can be installed very easily thanks to the cold bending and the wide range of accessories that allow different adaptations for every need.
It also ensures total electrical insulation of the system, withstands the aggression of chemical and atmospheric agents and guarantees total self-extinguishing of the system.

Material: Self-extinguishing Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Color: Gray RAL7035

Length: Supplied in bars of 2 and 3 mt <> 15 mm

bendability: Cold curvable, with spring, in d. 16; 20; 25; 32

Resistance to crushing: Over 76 kg on 5 cm at + 20 ° C

Shock resistance: 2j (about 20 kg / cm)

Electrical insulation: More than 100Mega Ohms

Dielectric strength: More than 2000 volts

Reference Standards:
The CEI Standards EN 61386-1 / 2005 and CEI EN 61386-21 / 2005 have been applied as per IMQ certificate no. EM723 with classification 3321

Rigid tube - Price per meter

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